I am a parent of A special education child whose public school teachers have harmed her by education malpractice. This sadly is the standard. Changes must happen. I will speak out for changes for my child and for all children. -Layna Crofts

Our country has mostly turned into one where only the affluent families can afford an education for their disabled children. As in my case, Issaquah School District in Washington state, refused to evaluate my daughter to her underachievement, knew she had severe dyslexia, refused an independent evaluation, refused to teach to the disability and forced us to either move to a different district, accept the blasphemous education at the public school, home school, or enroll in private school. I, as a mother, refuse to accept this. I reject this for my daughter and all children. We can do better in Issaquah School District, in Washington State and in America!


IDEA and the Supreme Court justices talk about enforcement for parents to get a FAPE for their child. The truth is there is no enforcement for parents to get their child a FAPE in America. A law is meaningless unless it is enforced and the word quote IDEA and the word quote FAPE have become words that are only respected when attorneys get paid, thus making parents jump through endless hoops made by a greedy legal system and in most cases, a corrupt educational system. It is up to every school district to teach every disabled child according to the scientifically proven method for that individual child.


It is my mission for every special education child in the country to be educated appropriately to their disability; If a district refused to follow IDEA law it is my goal for educators and administrators to be held individually liable for the educational negligence they provide to handicapped children across America; it is my responsibility to act pro se against my negligent school district and speak out against bias Judges. I aim to help other parents file their case pro se in federal court so that laws may be upheld and enforced.


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